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Think carefully about your bio--make it interesting. Samples:

Seventh grade social studies teacher piloting a class set of iPads. Using Blackboard to create a blended learning environment. 250K+ Youtube views.
~James Zoller

A 21st Century Teacher and Learner--I am a Media/Technology Specialist who loves books and technology--a match made in heaven!
~Karen Reiber

Children's author, reader, dreamer, educator, & TED2012 speaker!
~Kate Messner

Education entrepreneur, driven to ignite the hope of knowing. Father to five, husband to one.
~Randy Whilhem

Educational Technologist; D3M Fan; Professional Learning Guru; Learning Architect; Dreamer, Learner
~Lynn Ochs

Parent, author, speaker, instigator, blogger about the Web and its effects on schools, education and learning. Author of Why School?
~Will Richardson

Japanese language, digital video, teacher training, and saving the world from ignorance. Some juggling, too!
~Rushton Hurley

Educational Technologist, DEN Star & Guru, Adobe Ed Leader, Google Certified Teacher (
~Kathy Schrock

I am a fun loving math teacher who enjoys puzzles, games, and sports.
~Pam Roehling